Call for Abstracts

 The Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies (CIARS) brings together faculty, students and community organizations whose research interests and political commitments are in anti-racism and critical race studies. In collaboration with New College, Equity Studies (University of Toronto) and the Harriet Tubman Institute (York University), CIARS is pleased to announce that it is holding a three-day international conference to lead critical discussions on the theme of “Race, Anti-Racism and Indigeneity: Anti-Colonial Resurgence and Decolonial Resistance”. To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of CIARS/10th Anniversary of the “Decolonizing the Spirit”, the “Decolonizing Conference” intends to bring together a range of international and local scholars, activists, and artists in order to reframe the way anti-racism and critical race studies are tied to questions of Indigeneity and decolonization. As anti-racism and critical race thinkers, it is imperative that we challenge liberal articulations that negate the saliency of Land, bodies, and knowledges.

 We ask: how do we differentially engage sites of knowledge production (material and ideological spaces such as academic institutions) to understanding settler colonialism? How do Land, bodies, and knowledges help open up conversations on Indigeneity and decolonization? How does viewing Indigeneity as an international category help expand discussions of decolonization, and how can our work help re-imagine and create new futures? By reframing questions on Indigeneity and decolonization and asking new ones, our intention is to foster a robust understanding of Indigeneity and decolonial praxis and to complicate ontological claims to the primacy of the Land as a starting point for all decolonial and anti-colonial engagements. With anti-racism and critical race studies at the forefront, we invite participants to engage the central theme from multiple perspectives that are anchored in specific geopolitical contexts, social identities as well as different ontological, epistemological, and ideological orientations.  

CIARS invites submissions that speak to the central theme of “Race, Anti-Racism and Indigeneity: Anti-Colonial Resurgence and Decolonial Resistance”. While submissions should clearly connect to the central theme and contribute to the advancement of critical race and anti-racism theory, practice, methodology, and/or community organizing, we also welcome proposals that consider the following subthemes: 

                              Afrofuturisms and Indigenous futurisms                                                                   Race and Gender Violence 
                              Blackness and Anti-Blackness                                                                                  Race, Policing and the Justice System 
                              Indigenous Resurgences and New Possibilities                                                         Race, Queer, and Disability 
                              Race, Culture and New Media                                                                                 Counter-Visions of Education
                              Social movements, resistance and emancipation                                                       Reframing Intersectionalities                         
                              Revolutionary Spiritualties                                                                                       Race, Immigration and Resettlement 
                              Language, Race, and Education                                                                                Anti-Racist Feminisms and Intersectionality 
                             Race, Environmentalism and Health                                                                          The Nation State, Citizenship, and International Development
                             “Mixed” Race Identities and Post-identity politics                                                      

CIARS welcomes a wide range of submission categories, from individual papers to arts-based installations. We highly encourage a range diverse contributions1. 
1. Individual papers 
2. Individual posters 
3. Group poster sessions 
4. Group panel sessions 
5. Workshops (aimed at enhancing Undergraduate/Graduate Student learning) 
6. Other Critical Contributions: Arts-based Installations and New Media (Poetry, Songs, Dance, audio-based media such as podcasts, Visual-based media such as Film, and other New Media) 

Proposals should clearly connect to the conference theme and contribute to the advancement of critical race and anti-racism theory, practice, methodology, and/or community organizing. Please see format (a), word limit (b), and deadline (c) below: 

(a) Format 
Your abstract should adhere to the following guidelines: 
1. 5 Key Words 
2. Title 
3. Research question 
4. Aims and Objectives 
5. Methodology/Theoretical Framework (such as method of data collection, modes of inquiry, conceptual framework) 
6. Results/conclusion (even if they are preliminary at the time of submission) 
7. Author Bio 

(b) Word Limit 
Individual Papers 250 words 
Group Panels 500 words 
Poster 250 words 
Other Arts-based or New Media 250 words 
Bio 50 words 

(c) Deadline 
Email your submissions to the CIARS Conference Planning Committee at or by June 30, 2016. Accepted proposals will be contacted via email by July 15, 2016. 



CIARS, 17/05/2016